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To purchase photos of your gymnast:
Just click on the photo you want to purchase in your gymnasts gallery then click (BUY) Then click (Prints) under (All Products) on the left side of your screen. Select the size and quantity then click (Add to Cart) Repeat for any subsequent photos.

To purchase the Digital Download of all images or your gymnast:
Just click on any photo in your Gymnasts gallery, when it enlarges Click (BUY) Then select Digital Files. Click on the (All images of your Gymnast) and then click (Add to Cart).

To purchase Canvas Wraps
Click on the image you want in your gymnasts gallery. When it enlarges click (Buy) Select (Showcase) on the left side of your screen. Select the size you want with the words (Single Image) next to it. Click (Add To Cart) and continue with checkout. Templates & Collages can be purchased as Canvas Wraps as well by selecting the template or collage configuration you want and adding the appropriate number of photos.

To purchase Collages, Templates & Posters:
Browse our gallery called (Templates & Collages) You can find the link to this gallery on our home page next to (Gymnastics Events) Prices vary based on print size and the number of photos in the collage or template. Once you decide on the template or collage you want return to your gymnasts gallery, Click on one of the photos you want to use for the template or collage then click (Buy) From the Select products menu click (Memorabilia) Select the template or collage of your choice from the list by clicking on the description and then click (Continue) Drag the photo you selected to the first place holder on the right then click (More Photos) Select the remaining photos for your template or collage. When you have selected all the photos click (Add to cart) then click (Checkout Now) If you want your Template or Collage printed on Canvas follow these same steps using the (Showcase)section of the price list.

Package pricing is available in your gymnast’s gallery only. If you want to purchase one of our Digital Download / Template packages, Select the first photo you want for your Collage or Template, Click (Buy) Then select (Packages) from the (Select Product) Menu then just follow the directions for purchasing a template or collage above. The Download will be included with your order.

Your coupon code is located or will be located in the e-mail you receive indicating your photos are available for viewing and purchase.

If you did not receive or no longer have the e-mail and intend to use your deposit toward your purchase, you MUST CONTACT BLP STUDIOS to obtain the code prior to purchase in order to apply your deposit. Your deposit can be used toward your purchase for a period of three (3) months. You can still order after the three months however your deposit will not be credited toward your purchase.


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