This is amazing - your guys are in a class by yourself in this field !!!!!
We have a TON of collages of our two kids who are veteran gymnasts -
your are the best by far. 

Thank you

Rick and Lisa S


Hello Robert,

You posted on your website yesterday my daughter's (Alecia Petrikis) photos from the 2014 Classic Rock Invitational.  First, I must tell you that the photographs were absolutely amazing!!!  WOW!!!  I have been traveling to gymnastics meets for 12 years now -- and I have never seen, or been offered, photography like yours.  Not only did you photograph every event, but also you photographed every event from multiple angles.  You must have had two or three photographers photographing each girl on each event!!!  Your photography alone was worth the expense of traveling to Phoenix!!!  As a mother of a 15 year-old Level 10 gymnast who is hoping to be a Collegiate Gymnast on Division 1 Team, your photographs are the best present that I could have ever received!!! 
Thank you!  And thank you for your ABSOLUTELY AMAZING gymnastics photography on ALL FOUR EVENTS!!!  
Murray P
The photos are AMAZING!!! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH! You captured her beauty, her strength and love of gymnastics. I am so appreciative.
Megan D
Team BLP-I couldn't be happier with the affordable package options offered at my granddaughter's meet in Las Vegas, February 2014. You not only gave me an affordable advantage to be able to just sit, enjoy and take in the event without worry of missing the "shot" but I was also able to really enjoy the live competition, The pictures you took were simply amazing! I can't get over the abundance of pictures that came with this package! It's through your efforts that we are all able to really enjoy the event's happenings. It was a special trip for all of us that you made exceptional!
Thanks again!
Julie Z

Thank you so much. The pictures are absolutely fabulous. You guys did an amazing job. Can’t thank you enough!


Melissa H


These are great. Thank you so so so so so much. 

I have never been able to get photos of my daughter on the bar.  :)  These images are priceless to me.
Jannelle C